EOD Scalping … a way to trade that actually makes sense AND MONEY

EOD Scalping is a revolutionary new way to use seemingly standard indicators to trade any Stock, Bond, Forex or Commodity Futures contract that can be charted. It can be used for ANY market in ANY time frame.

EOD Scalping was developed by Dr F. D. Rouse a Certified Financial Planner after years of research and testing exclusively for QuietTrader.com  and is the main trading technique used in the Quiet Trader EOD Scalping Trading System that focuses on Commodity Futures.

It was developed to be used for End Of Day (EOD) trading and combines the basic “day trading” idea of taking multiple small bites at the market giving a high percentage of winning trades without having to sit in front of a computer monitor all day. Because of it’s EOD scalping (End of Day) design most trades are only open a day or two so you lock in profits and get your money faster.

Contrast that with the standard trend following systems that may have a trade open for several weeks to a month or more where you ride the highs and lows and end up losing money on the trade. A consistent persentage of winning trades and a constantly growing account give every trader a sense of calm and security as they see a continued true increase in confidence along with their long term financial security as a trader.

In short traders feel better making consistent, almost predicatable money in a day or two instead of the occasional hit with several misses that they’ve seen in their previous trading that has been giving less that stellar results.

The results of using this trading method on several commodity futures markets are posted trade by trade on the QuietTrader.com Results page and are nothing short of amazing.

This method, as developed by Dr F. D Rouse, CFP and utilized in the QuietTrader EOD Scalping Trading System, produces a VERY SPECIFIC Entry Price, Target Price and Stop Loss on the day the set up is confirmed.Traders know the specific, When & Where do I get In and more importantly Where do I get OUT! It’s all pre-defined so there is NO guessing.

Dr F D Rouse, also know as the Real Money Doctor is the Quiet Trader, and focuses on Commodity Futures trading due to the regulated market and the income potential due to leverage. The system can also be used in FOREX, Stocks, Bonds or anything that can be charted with an Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) format in any time frame

The Quiet Trader EOD Scalping System seems to be a “Complete” Trading System that takes the total novice with no experience to an Advanced Trader level in 15 easy steps.

For the experienced trader, those 15 easy steps pinpoint the areas that you may have been missing, help to identify what may be holding you back and can transform you into an Expert Trader getting the results that you’ve always wanted but failed to achieve with other “systems”. This is a system that can actually get you to the next level in your trading, not just talk about it.

An interesting YouTube video called Trading…The Visual has been posted that covers what most people think of when the hear the words Commodity Futures, Forex or Stock Trading.